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    Iranian Nuclear Deal



    Do you think the deal was a success or failure?

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    News Team
    News Team

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    Iranian Nuclear Deal

    Post  worldorg on November 26th 2013, 2:41 am

    Recently, Iran brokered a new deal for its nuclear situation with the United Nation Collation. Heres a quick run down:

    • Iran will reduce potency of its Uranium with 20% Enrichment down to around 3.5%
    • No more centrifuges (equipment used to enrich Uranium) will be allowed to install. All existing ones may still be used
    • Iran will still be allowed a 3.5% enrichment of uranium
    • Must stop producing any uranium at or above 5% enrichment
    • Analysts: 2 or more months before any 90% break-through enrichment (nuclear weapons-grade)

    IRAN WILL RECEIVE: Oversea frozen assets of around $12 Billion USD; and some temporary embargo relief. However, the strictest embargo measures will be still intact.

    Basically how this works. Uranium must be enriched to more potency before any use. The initial stages around 0-3.5% enrichment takes the longest. Any extra enrichment can be more quickly achieved.

    Critics of the deal pose that this does not stop Iran from producing a nuclear weapon. Israel has been harshly critical on deal saying that not much was accomplished.

    Supporters, who are currently the majority (including many citizens in Iran) support the deal saying that it peacefully tries to solve the nuclear issue. They also state that this buys more time for a holistic and comprehensive measure later on.

    Do you support this deal or not? Comment below and answer the poll above!

    Scientia Potentia Est


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    Okay, not Great

    Post  Untitled on November 28th 2013, 7:02 am

    It's not a milestone, but it's a step to tougher policies. I don't like the $12 billion part of the deal. It's too high. It gives them more capital to invest in their "activities."
    News Team
    News Team

    Posts : 26
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    Join date : 2011-09-29

    Re: Iranian Nuclear Deal

    Post  worldorg on December 1st 2013, 6:16 am

    Ah that is a good point. $12 Billion USD does provide quite a bit a funding for activities. But judging that Iran was pretty close to a weapon, the $12 B concession doesn't look that bad.

    Scientia Potentia Est

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    Re: Iranian Nuclear Deal

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